Mike Berg – Chief Executive Officer
Mike Berg became the CEO in 2017

Mike Berg is the CEO of Allied 100 joining in July 2017 after spending 33 years at Cardinal Health, Allegiance and Baxter across a wide variety of functional areas and various roles.

This includes experience in finance and accounting, customer service, sales management, supply chain and demand planning, logistics, transportation, contract negotiations and general management. He has significant general management experience in the health care space and has been successful in building a customer centric business model that delivers and exceeds on expectations while building organizations through talent and change management. He has a collaborative style and is convinced that deep customer relationships is the key to business success. Mike is actively building and developing the growth strategies that will help differentiate Allied 100 with customers, suppliers, investors and employees.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mike and his wife Nancy both attended Michigan State University where they met and developed an appreciation for higher education and community involvement. Raised as one of ten children, Mike decided to emulate the chaos of that upbringing by having 4 children with his wife Nancy. Mike and Nancy moved recently to Madison, Wisconsin as part of the transition to Allied 100. They have now immersed themselves into the local community and have become fans of the Madison culture. Their four children live across the Midwest and have active schedules balancing family, work and the local community.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Michigan State University.