Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jared Kassien


Jared Kassien is the Chief Information Officer for Allied 100 and manages the design, development, and maintenance of the company’s information and data warehousing systems.

Jared stopped by Allied 100 to fix a broken hard drive in early 2004 (when the company had only two founders and zero employees), and it feels like he hasn’t gone home since! Starting with the company when it was very small, Jared has performed various roles throughout the organization and has an in-depth understanding of the entire company’s workflow and processes.

Early in his career (and life), Jared started in the retail world by focusing on point of sale solutions for small local businesses, eventually expanding into the ecommerce world. This led to Jared eventually managing an ecommerce store shipping 200 boxes per day (of Beanie Babies®!) in the late nineties, which helped him understand early on how web companies should act to make sure the customer always comes first (especially those crazy Beanie Babies people!)

As Allied has grown, Jared has been involved in developing, maintaining, and now manages all of the IT needs for the company (but luckily has a team of IT employees to help). He also built and performed many of the other roles and processes in the company including customer care, purchasing, warehousing, fulfillment, and accounting, among others. In the few hours of the day Jared isn’t trying to complete just one more project at work, he is a member of many local choral and non-profit organizations.