Senior Director of Customer Experience

Cindy Dunbar

Sr. Director of Customer Experience

Cindy is the Sr. Director of Customer Experience for the Customer Care Department at Allied 100. Her responsibilities focus on ensuring quality customer service, support for consultative sales, and maintaining best practices for customer relations.

Having been the Upper Midwest Regional Sales Representative for April Cornell/Cornell Trading, then managing and eventually owning her own retail boutique shops, Cindy decided to take her knowledge and experience in customer satisfaction and put it to good use in an entirely different direction. In February 2007 she joined the Allied 100 team, eager to be part of helping to save lives.

Born and raised in the idyllic Northwoods of Wisconsin, who would have guessed that the ‘Northwoods Girl with the city on her mind and a law office in her future’ would end up working for the largest AED Distributor…right in her backyard? They say things happen for a reason and they do. The peace she finds in nature brought her back home and spending time outside with her dogs just happens to be her favorite past time. What better answer could she have found than working for the little company that grew to be “The Company”, in an industry that helps save lives?