Vice President of Marketing

Ray Chalom

VP of Marketing

Ray Chalom is the Vice President of Marketing for Allied 100 and is responsible for marketing and sales related activities that involve brand and direct marketing for all customer segments across all channels. He spent the majority of his career working at ad agencies, first on traditional brand campaigns which included TV, radio, print & out of home and within a few years he transitioned to the direct marketing side of advertising with a focus on digital and email campaigns. As much gratification as he got from seeing his hard work on TV or in a magazine, his true interests were in the ability to track and measure every aspect of every campaign, most importantly, the amount of revenue generated by every dollar spent.

After 13 years agency side work with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Levi’s, Symantec and Adobe, he decided martini lunches weren’t all they were cracked up to be and joined Shaklee corp as their Director of Customer Acquisition and Retention. After a year developing a direct marketing practice he was promoted to Senior Director of Digital Marketing and assumed responsibility for the development and the road map for all websites, mobile apps and digital marketing including brand, paid, social and SEO. After three years he decided to assume his current role at Allied 100.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Ray is a city boy through-and-through and as a self-proclaimed foodie prides himself on being able to say he has eaten his way through every city he has ever lived in whether it’s true or not. He also has a love of travel but unfortunately his travel wish list is longer than his vacation days will allow so he has taken to photoshopping himself into his friend’s vacation pictures.

Ray attended Boston University and graduated with a BS in Mass Communications.