Our Brands

  • AED Superstore is Allied 100’s most forward-facing brand. With headquarters in Woodruff, Wisconsin and an office in Madison, Wisconsin, AED Superstore is the world’s largest distributor of AEDs. AEDSuperstore.com is the premier online marketplace for every FDA-cleared make and model AED, the accessories and supplies for those AEDs, first aid supplies, CPR/AED training, training supplies, and AED management. In addition to online sales, AED Superstore has dedicated customer service representatives who are trained extensively in every product we sell and are an excellent resource for AED information for customers who have questions before purchasing.

  • Annuvia was acquired by Allied 100 in 2013. Annuvia provides a full AED maintenance program called Arch™ which helps its subscribers ensure compliance on all requirements for AED ownership so they are covered by their state’s Good Samaritan laws. Annuvia also offers American Heart Association CPR/AED training in all 50 states. A staff of account executives manage Arch subscribers and schedule training classes.

  • CardioReady was acquired by Allied 100 in March of 2017. CardioReady is the only company using a patented process to offer turn-key Certified Cardiac Emergency Response Programs (CERP) to organizations nationwide. Their life-saving solutions provide enterprise organizations with a comprehensive suite of services – starting with evaluation, procurement and installation through training, monitoring, and certification – that simplify and improve the process for rescue readiness and compliance.